Note:    The RSEA is not affiliated with the NAAE, but we support their endeavors as they are a like-minded organization with goals similar to those of the RSEA.

NAAE-28 Conference

Birmingham, England

October 3rd and 4th, 2019

The RSEA would like to invite all Accelerator Service Engineers to the Northern European Association for Accelerator Engineers (NAAE) Conference

  • Come and make a week of it in England!


Events Include:

  •    The UK’s first national meeting of Radiotherapy Engineers
  •   Joining the Northern European Association for Accelerator Engineers – NAAE at their first ever UK conference
  •   The NAAE have a long history in Radiotherapy Engineering and holding first class conferences, this being their 28th conference!
  •   The theme is “Radiotherapy Past and Present”
  •   They will focus on Training and the Future of the Industry 
  •   A lot of Engineers that will be retiring in a few years
  •   A lot of knowledge and experience that could be lost
  • What can be done to fill the gaps?
  • The Conference is split up into sections, one of which is a study trip to Teledyne/EEV 
  • Select your preference at:



Deadline for Registration is:     31st of August, 2019


Highlights Include:

Wednesday 2nd of October, 2019

  • Tour of



106 Waterhouse Lane, Chelmsford, UK

  • If you are interested in the tour:


Teledyne needs a PDF copy of every visitors’ passport by the end of August.  If Teledyne does not receive passport details buy this date then, unfortunately,  people will not be allowed onto the factory site.  

Please send a copy to:

 Teledyne E2V will need a copy of your passport page by the 31st of August if you want to join the study trip (tour), details are on the conference website

  • See the schedule on the NAAE website

After the tour their is a Bus to the Birmingham Center

Wednesday dinner at Fezenda Rodizio Bar and Grill in Birmingham, UK:

  • This dinner will be held at the exquisite Fezenda Rodizio Bar and Grill Brazilian Restaurant.
  • The NAAE participants will proceed to the Fezenda after they check into the Edgbaston Hotel.
  • NAAE will provide a bus to transport those participants going to the dinner to and from the Edgbaston Hotel to the Fezenda in downtown Birmingham.


One can attend the Wednesday Dinner even if you are not coming from the Study Trip to Teledyne/E2V.  However, the number of guests are limited and  the Study Trip participants have first priority.

The NAAE-28 Conference is held in Association with the

in Birmingham, UK, 3rd and 4th of October, 2019

Thursday 3rd of October

  • The schedule for October 3rd can be found here:

Highlights include:

  •  Talks from:
  1. Elekta
  2. Accuray
  3. Varian
  4. ViewRay
  5. Tour of the Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital
  • There will be a nice Expo and Main Conference dinner on Thursday the 3rd of October at the Edgbaston Conference Hotel.  Because of this, it is best to stay at the Edgbaston Hotel

Friday 4th of October

  • The schedule for October 4th can be found here:

Highlights Include:

  •  Interactive Workshop with Teledyne/E2V
  •  Training
  1. The University of West of England (UWE)
  2. University of Umea
  3. OSI
  • Different uses of a cyclotron

The cost of all events can be found at the following URL:

Hospital Employees Registration Fee:

Tour of Teledyne/E2V:

Dinner at the Fezenda Rodizio Bar and Grill

495 Euro = $551.08 USD and $725.77 CDN

75 Euro = $83.49 USD and $109.95 CDN

45 Euro = $50.09 USD and $65.97 CDN


The NAAE Conference Hotel is Edgbaston Park Hotel in Birmingham
  • Standard Room
  • $169.15 GBP/Night = $209.46 USD = $275.90 CDN
  • Rates subject to change

Should the

be filled, there is an alternative; the


There will be a very nice Expo and Main Conference dinner on Thursday the 3rd of October at the

As a result it would be best to get your reservations at the Edgbaston Park Hotel.


  • For those that would like to get the feel of an English city, city life, and the cities atmosphere; Birmingham has plenty of pubs, hotels, and nightlife in the downtown Birmingham area. 
  • To get there:  Take a bus, train, or taxis from the Egdbaston Conference Hotel/University of Birmingham/Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital to downtown Birmingham
  • The trip take less that 30 minutes.  

On Aug 15, 2019:

  • 1 GBP = $1.21 USD and $1.61 CDN
  • 1 Euro = $1.11 USD and $1.48 CDN

While in England please bring British Pounds (GBP) as your currency 


Register at:     NAAE Registration Site


If there are any questions please direct them to:

NAAE Conference Group

Dan Johansson

Chairman NAEE

+46 709 203 236

Petra Viklund – +46 706 892 525

Henrik Cederfjord – +46 470 587 623

Richard Baker (Birmingham), +44 1213 715 073

Richard Baker – MIET

Head of Technical Services

Tel:    01213715073

Internal:  15073


Pat Howland