Discord Introduction

The RSEA has adopted a new platform for Linear Accelerator Engineers/Technologist to find solutions to their problems:

Discord is a free cross-platform voice and text chat application (originally designed for gamers) which has grown from 45 million world-wide users in mid-2017 to 250 million users in mid-2019.  Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and in web browsers.

The Discord program supplements the “Majordomo Linac Bulletin Board” ** by providing many modern benefits not available via the list server.

The Discord platform provides the ability to:

  • communicate by voice
  • attach documents
  • attach photos
  • Search history using key words.

Discord Instructions

  1.  Download the discord app from the Microsoft Store, the App Store, or via a web browser

Discord Download

2.  Register an account in the App.

3.  After Registering, click on the (+) symbol on the left side of the screen and click “Join Server”.

4. Contat Jamie Watson for Server Invite. jamie.watson@bjc.org

5.  If you need any assistance, please contact:


or see the Discord Help Center

Discord Help Center

Once you’ve joined the server, you will be assigned a role as a member or non-member based on your RSEA membership status

There are a few channels that are restricted to “Members Only”.  (If you wish to be a member please register on the link above Join Us/Be A Sponsor)

However, most are open to all, including the Voice, RSEA-Chat, and Troubleshooting channels.

**  Note:  the RSEA will continue to maintain the Majordomo Linac-Eng list server to ensure it remains fully functional for all who wish to continue using it.

Thank you

RSEA Board