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would like to say

a big

“Thank you”

to the following:

  •   Our Sponsors

Teledyne/E2V – Presentation and Mixer

RS&A – Saturday Breakfast & Prize Give-Away

Avante/OSI – Saturday Lunch

  •   Those that Presented

Barnes and Jewish Center (BJC) – Jamie Watson, who presented useful  and informative “Notes from the Field ” and an introduction to the Discord app, a new communication tool for real-time help with archival capabilities.  (Who wants to know more?)

Xcision MedicaL Systems –  Michelle Crawley:    GammaPod – for precision Breast Cancer treatment.

Jim Beaty:                                                                Lead a discussion on the Future of the RSEA

Elekta – Gregory Cech:                                          The Unity MRI Linac

Teledyne/E2V – Pat Howland, Harriet Gasson, and David Rowlands:  History of E2V, and E2V’s  Thyratrons and Magnetrons. 

Dr. Mohammad Salehpour  (MDACC):  Emerging Technologies in Radiotherapy , including Very High Energy Electrons (VHEE) as well as Focused Electron (MOVHEED) and Focused X-Ray beam delivery systems.

Dr. Sastry Vedam – Practical experience with the Elekta Unity MR Linac at the MD Anderson Cancer Center 

Image Owl – Matt Wittaker:  Machine Log Data Mining for Total QA

  • To all who Attended!
  • To the AAPM without whom the RSEA could not present this program
  • And a special Thanks to Dean Howard (RS&A) and Dan Stinson (BJC) for their help in putting together this year’s program.

This year’s 



  •   Informative!
  •   Networkable!
  •   Filled with Camaraderie!
  •   Exceptional!

*Come Join us for next year’s RSEA AGM in Vancouver, BC*

Saturday July 11th and Sunday July 12th, 2020

Vancouver Convention Center West and East

1055 and 999 (respectively) Canada Place

Vancouver, BC

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Need In-House Training?

RSEA is very supportive of in-house training options, so please check out one of our sponsors that has routinely given informative talks at our annual meetings: Oncology Services International

Our Sponsors

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