A Happy Holiday Greeting from the RSEA

Happy Holidays from the RSEA Family

The RSEA would like to send each one of you a world of good wishes.  We are blessed with the opportunity to help our fellow human beings with our work and efforts.  Enjoy the time to reflect, relax, and revive!

Looking ahead to the year 2020, the RSEA Board is excited to share some key objectives and initiatives with the RSEA Community.

  • Save this date

Our Annual meeting will be held in Vancouver, BC the weekend of 7/11/2020

  • Value Proposition

Clearly define our Value Proposition to each member

Drive Engagement

Grow the Community

 This will be built around four (4) core elements….

Collaboration    —

Define how we communicate and collaborate as a community.

Community       —

Lead the drive towards building a global community focused around the Radiotherapy Service Engineering/Technologist community

Certification      —

Set the View/Vision for what “Certification” means to the Radiation Therapy Engineers/Technologists community

Career               —

Provide perspective on becoming a Radiotherapy Engineer/Technologist as a profession

More to come in the New Year!!!

The RSEA wish you all the happiness this holiday season can bring and all the very best in the New Year!

Yours truly,

The RSEA Family

Discord Introduction

The RSEA has adopted a new platform for Linear Accelerator Engineers/Technologist to find solutions to their problems:

Discord is a free cross-platform voice and text chat application (originally designed for gamers) which has grown from 45 million world-wide users in mid-2017 to 250 million users in mid-2019.  Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and in web browsers.

The Discord program supplements the “Majordomo Linac Bulletin Board” ** by providing many modern benefits not available via the list server.

The Discord platform provides the ability to:



  •  communicate by voice
  • attach documents
  • attach photos
  • Search history using key words.

Discord Instructions

  1.  Download the discord app from the Microsoft Store, the App Store, or via a web browser

2.  Register an account in the App.

3.  After Registering, click on the (+) symbol on the left side of the screen and click “Join Server”.

4. Type in the following address to join the RSEA Discord Server:


5.  If you need any assistance, please contact:


or see the Discord Help Center

Once you’ve joined the server, you will be assigned a role as a member or non-member based on your RSEA membership status

There are a few channels that are restricted to “Members Only”.  (If you wish to be a member please register on the link above Join Us/Be A Sponsor)

However, most are open to all, including the Voice, RSEA-Chat, and Troubleshooting channels.

**  Note:  the RSEA will continue to maintain the Majordomo Linac-Eng list server to ensure it remains fully functional for all who wish to continue using it.

Thank you

RSEA Board

2020 RSEA Schedule - Vancouver, BC, Canada
July 11th and 12th, 2020

The RSEA is diligently working to provide Informative and valuable presentations at the upcoming 2020 RSEA Conference in Vancouver, BC.  

We already have some interesting talks and incentives lined up

The following list will be updated periodically as more speakers and topics become available

Speakers & Topics

RSEA Board

Our Sponsors

RSEA is grateful for those who continue to support us in getting our peers together and providing additional education in the field of Radiotherapy Service!

Want to become a sponsor? Make a donation or contact us for sponsoring our meetings!