Radiotherapy Service Engineers Association

Version 2.4, February 2021


  • The name of this parent non-profit organization will be “Radiotherapy Service Engineers Association,” hereinafter referred to as the “Association” or “RSEA”.


  • To establish a standard of competence and promote excellence in the practice of maintaining equipment used to deliver radiation therapy.
  • To define the body of knowledge on which the profession is based.
  • To promote the safe and effective delivery of radiation therapy.
  • To represent the professional interests of individuals entrusted with the maintenance, repair and installation of radiation therapy equipment.
  • To connect and expand the global oncology service engineer community, helping to establish a single voice of representation.


  • The RSEA is intended for individuals (not companies) actively working in or retired from Radiation Oncology, most notably Radiotherapy/Linac Service Engineers. Other typical job titles include BMET, imaging engineer, manager, director, technologist, technician, or others.
  • The RSEA is open to all non-OEM / independent engineers within the oncology service community regardless of employer.
  • The definition above is referred to as the Service Community.


  • Membership to the RSEA shall be accessible, reasonable, and aligned with the value it provides the service community. Individuals may join the RSEA in the classifications below:
    • Full
      • Full Members will have access to all resources and collaboration tools provided by the RSEA. This includes archives, communication outlets (e.g., Discord / List Serve), service documentation, and training / service support materials.
      • There is a cost (as specified on the website) for this membership level.
      • Specific login credentials will be provided for this membership classification.
    • Associate
      • This membership level provides updates on changes to our website, upcoming meetings, and opportunities to get involved with the RSEA community. Updates are mailed directly to the email address you provide upon registration. Access to the archives, Discord and other resources are NOT available to Associate members.
      • There is no cost for this membership level.
      • Specific login credentials will be provided for this membership classification.
    • Membership dues shall be set annually by the Board of Directors (Board) at a level consistent with an annual budget of expenditures and income, as well as other policies adopted by the Board.


  • The RSEA is organized to connect the service community. In this charge, the structure is designed to be flexible and built around creating value for all members.
  • Additionally, the RSEA recognizes that there may be groups / associations already established within a country / region. It is the commitment of the RSEA Board to work to connect and collaborate with these groups as members of the Service Community.
  • A single, community wide oversight structure has been established with the following roles:
    • President
      • Define and achieve the RSEA’s vision / direction; includes establishing an annual operating plan that is relevant, actionable, achievable, and impactful to the member base.
      • Preside over the Board’s regular meeting schedule.
      • Facilitate a review of the RSEA by-laws on an annual basis, including any associated updates / improvement actions.
      • Take emergency actions whenever necessary to protect the assets or reputation of the RSEA.
    • Treasurer
      • Manage RSEA finances, including taxes – responsible for the receipt, disbursement, and record keeping for all RSEA funds.
      • Establish annual budget and report on financial performance as requested.
      • Provide an annual written summary of the RSEA’s financial status for presentation to the RSEA membership.
    • Administrator
      • Keep track of non-financial RSEA information. This includes keeping meeting minutes, maintaining a membership roster, and supporting information requests.
      • Oversee the maintenance of RSEA’s website.
    • Initiative Leads
      • Ensure that the RSEA Board and actions are creating and delivering value to its member base. This includes leading the design, development, and deployment of Service Community initiatives annually.  These initiatives align with the RSEA’s strategic plan.  Resources to support the successful achievement of these initiatives is to be coordinated through the RSEA Board and member base (…depending on the need).
      • Initiative leads are appointed by the RSEA President. Actual initiative scope / deliverables shall align with RSEA’s annual strategic plan.
      • The value proposition is defined as follows:
        • Collaboration – this is how we ESTABLISH our model for communicating and supporting each other as a community.
        • Community – this is where we CONNECT the global service community to strengthen our breadth and depth of influence and knowledge.
        • Certification – this is where we DEFINE and DELIVER what “certification” means to our community.
        • Career – this is where we SUPPORT and EMPOWER radiotherapy engineers across the globe as a profession (…not just a job).
      • At-Large
        • At-large members, not to exceed six (6), may be appointed by the Board to ensure representation across the Service Community and support the RSEA direction. At a minimum, they are expected to be active in all scheduled Board meetings.
      • The collective of the above roles are defined as the RSEA Board and represent the Service Community for which it serves. The Board is responsible for:
        • Defining and ensuring compliance with the RSEA mission, vision, and bylaws.
        • Ensuring value creation and delivery to its members.
        • Ensuring effective organizational planning.
          • Specific to organizational planning, the RSEA Board shall develop, communicate, and implement a strategic plan that defines the core objectives, commitments, and results it intends to complete. These shall be approved by a simple majority vote by the RSEA Board members and shall be communicated to RSEA members no later than February 15th of each year.  All members are encouraged and welcomed to participate in RSEA objectives / initiatives (as available).
        • Ensuring adequate resources are in place to support RSEA initiatives / needs.
        • Managing resources effectively.
      • All oversight roles are voted on as per Article VII.
      • Additional roles may be created independent of these bylaws to support RSEA initiatives.


  • Communication and collaboration are the core of the RSEA’s success in creating value for the service community.
  • A standard meeting schedule shall be set at the start of each fiscal year as approved by the Board. This includes, at a minimum:
    • Name
    • Description
    • (Minimum) Agenda
    • Lead
    • Audience
    • Delivery
    • Timing
  • This schedule will be posted on the RSEA website for Full Members to access and participate.
  • The RSEA shall maintain a virtual meeting platform (e.g., Zoom) to support its meeting schedule.
  • Each meeting shall generate a record of the discussion (e.g., meeting minutes), which will be posted within five (5) business days of the meeting to the RSEA member site.
  • A running action log will be managed through a cloud-based applications and shall be reviewed / updated as part of each standard meeting (as applicable).
  • Annual Meetings may be hosted at the community level, yet are open to all registered Members (Full or Associate). If an attendee is not registered, they will be required to do so at the commencement of the meeting. There may be a fee to attend an Annual meeting that is separate from membership fees.  Travel and expenses (if applicable) are the responsibility of each individual member or their employer.


  • Elections for Board members are to be held every 2 years.
  • Electronic ballots are sent to all Full Members on October 1st. These are to be completed submitted no later than October 15th.  Reminders are sent as needed.
  • The results of each election are to be posted and communicated no later than November 1st. This allows a 60-day transition period.
  • A simple majority of those voting is required to approve elections.
  • Only Full Members are eligible for elected positions.


  • All Board roles will serve 2-year terms.
  • Individuals cannot serve consecutive terms in a given role.
  • Roles can be reappointed within a 2-year term only to members within a given community / location. This is decided by the Board and requires a simple majority.


  • The Board sets fiscal expectations, in alignment with the RSEA fiscal year, for the entire Association.
  • Resources should be dispersed in a manner that enables the entire community to engage, connect, and add value to the member base.
  • The fiscal year will be the calendar year.
  • The President is the sole member able to open new bank accounts for the association.
  • The President, Administrator and Treasurer will be primary signatories on the RSEA bank account and shall have access to the account and administrative rights.
  • At least one of the primary signatories will be a member of the bank where the association account is established.
  • Withdrawals and other payments from the bank account must be agreed upon by all three primary signatories of the account and documented in the annual budget.
  • President will give Treasurer and Administrator access to the bank account.


  • The bylaws are to be reviewed annually as part of the Board’s annual planning activities.
  • All members can submit additions or amendments to the bylaws throughout the year. These are to be received by the Board for consideration.
  • All decisions for amendments shall be communicated to the member base at-large within five (5) business days.
  • Amendments require a simple majority vote by the Board to be accepted or denied.


The Rules of the Association augment the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  Their purpose is to detail and expedite administrative matters of the Association.  The rules include matters that come under the purview of the Board which is responsible for their development, enactment, and documentation.


  • The assets of this organization will never inure to the benefit of any member of the RSEA, nor will any assets or properties be used for the personal benefit of any member or any other person except in pursuit of the objectives stated in these Bylaws.
  • Should the RSEA dissolve, all assets and property remaining after meeting the obligations of the RSEA will be donated to a substantially similar non-profit corporation or organization having objectives compatible with those of the RSEA.