Hello Everyone

As the RSEA plans for the future and strives to create a community, we believe the Accelerator Engineers, Technologists, and Technicians of the world need a directory much like that of the Physicists in the AAPM.  This directory will be a big help in identifying those who do the job of maintaining the world’s linear accelerators.

When completed, this directory will be made available to the RSEA community.

Whether you are a member of the RSEA or not, we’d like to include you.  Please send your contact information to one of the email addresses below.  The RSEA shall endeavor to keep it private and out of the hands of recruiting organizations (head hunters), but please understand that this may prove difficult.

If you are interested in becoming known to the RSEA world and being reachable by long lost friends and others, please send your contact information as follows:


Name:                    _____________________________________

Institution:            _____________________________________

Address:                _____________________________________

Email Address:     _____________________________________



Dave Sauter at: daversauter@telus.net


Luis Segovia at: rsel6017@gmail.com

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

RSEA Board