The 2021 RSEA Speaker’s Series starts this week! Sign up for the first 2 sessions below:

Session 1 – Thursday, October 7th, 11am EST

The Right to Repair Act & Anticompetitive Executive Order
What does the recent Anticompetitive Executive Order and the Right to repair act mean to linac service, engineers and our profession in general? How does the RSEA plan to support and engage with others lobbying for the right to repair?
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Session 2 – Friday, October 8th, 12pm EST

Physics for EngineersĀ 
The first session of our 2021 Speaker’s Series will cover the fundamentals of beam generation for treatment delivery as well as the critical tests that physics performs after engineering service.
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Session 3 – Tuesday, October 19th, 11am EST

Thyratron and Magnetron Training with Teledyne e2V
The goal of this training session is to give a greater understanding on how the magnetrons and thyratrons are manufactured and how they work within the Linac machine.

Thyratron training will cover:
Principles of operation of a thyratron
Manufacturing thyratrons
Field service issues, how to identify them and what they are, including
High voltage over current
Pin discoloration
Grid 1 voltage

Magnetron training will cover:
Overview of microwave devices in linac radiotherapy systems.
Fundamentals of a magnetron
Principles of operation
Integration of magnetrons and solid state modulators into the Beam Generation module
Field service issues, how to identify them and reasons behind them
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Session 4 – Tuesday October 26th, 11am EST

Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Training (VERT)
This session will present VERT, a virtual Radiotherapy training tool. See how VERT can be used for training and development across the field of Radiation Oncology.
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Session 5 – Wednesday, November 3rd, 2pm EST

The story of NAAE and a partnership with RSEA that can inspire and change our future
Learn more about our sister organization in Northern Europe, the NAAE, how we can work together, and how you can get involved with engineers around the world.
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