Big things are coming to the RSEA in 2021! 

Those of you who participated in the 2020 Fall Speaker’s Series will know that a lot it happening in the RSEA this year. We have a renewed mission and focus aimed at bringing value to service engineers across the globe and creating a strong, unified voice to advocate for engineering interests.

As a first step toward this mission, the RSEA is excited to announce revised bylaws have been posted to the website.

The new bylaws were created with the help of the existing board and global member consultants. These revisions will enable us to become a more agile organization, to bring real value to our members, to grow into a global organization and to effectively pursue a strategic plan over the next year.

You can view the revised bylaws at this link.

Next up; we will be announcing our Interim Board and strategic plan for 2021, there will be opportunities for members to get involved with our 2021 initiatives and we’ll be hosting another Speaker’s Series later in the year.

We invite you all to keep in touch, get involved and help us increase the RSEA’s voice and member base. If you have questions or would like to know how you can participate in the association this year, please email us through the contact form on the home page.

We look forward to building the global service community… together!