The What: The RSEA is closing our Listserv. Moving forward, all communications and troubleshooting discussions will be maintained and available through the RSEA Discord app.

The When: The listserv will be closed effective October 1st, 2021.

The Why:

  • We create ONE, centralized platform for all communications. This means one place to go to get help with troubleshooting questions, to connect with engineers around the world and to post jobs.
  • Discord is a dynamic app that you can install on your phone or laptop. It allows you to ask questions, provide advice, make calls and send photos in real time.
  • Discord is free, closing the Listserv will save the organization almost $2,000 per year.
The How (Your Actions to Take Now):
  1. Sign up for the Discord app today! 
  2. Register for one of of our Discord training webinars to learn how to use Discord to its fullest extent and get help with any questions you have about the app.
    1. Session 1: Thursday August 26, 12 PM EST
    2. Session 2: Tuesday September 21, 12 PM EST